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With An Infectious Passion

From an early age, True Firestarter associated musical entertainment as part of her identity but did not pursue a career as a professional Solo Artist until her early 20s. Natural vocal ability, poetry, and skill in dance were consistent outlets for the artist, but a passion for Christ and determination to share that message has propelled this artist forward and continues to drive her development and success. Check out her latest productions below, and get in touch with any questions about True Firestarter.


Prayer Still Works

This is video was the first singe from the mixtape "Sparks of My Flame". Filmed in Hampton Roads, VA and directed by Fatemia Ricks-Johnson.


Artist Info

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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True Firestarter is known as a cross generational artist breaking the barriers of culture and sound. This upcoming vocalist and rapper is dedicated to creating faith based music. She was born with the gift of singing and passion to dance, but in her late teens she discovered her talents as a writer, musician, and rapper. Her energy on and off the stage validates her stage name as True Firestarter, instantly spreading positive vibes to all those in her presence. Her style can be described as a mash up of hip-hop, R&B, and neo-soul infused with message of Christ. True Firestarter performs in various secular and Christian venues, yet all music lovers recognize the union of faith, fun, and truth in her music. As she grows in her relationship with God and as an artist, True Firestarter makes her evolution evident to the world.







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